About Us

Welcome to the international online catalogue of the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg!

Since the middle of the nineties, we have been licensing usage rights of short films from our catalogue, which currently consists of circa 200 international films of all genres and subject matters. We add about 15 top quality current short films every year.

In our many years of working with short films, we haven’t just been busy discovering new and exciting short films, we have also maintained good business relations with many buyers around the world. As a result we look forward to cooperating with new and already existing long-time business partners from TV stations, cinemas, educational establishments, DVD distributors, internet portals and closed circuits.

This online catalogue allows you to conduct a targeted search for all included films as well as to watch them in full. Apart from getting an overview of our current film pool, you can also search for titles, directors, genres, subject matter and much more. Furthermore, we are always happy to personally help you with suggestions and recommendations, which will then be available to you in your profile after signing in.

In addition to our sales catalogue, we also offer access to our short film archive, which consists of approximately 40,000 indexed international titles. Along with our participation in many European festivals this allows us to always find films about specific subjects for you which aren’t listed in our sales catalogue.